This Saturday we said goodbye to our sweet boy Churro, just over 3 years after he changed his life by climbing up on our laps in a park in Lima, Peru. We noticed that poor Churro had a terribly diseased mouth and would need dental surgery, and when we couldn’t arrange for him to get the help he needed in Lima, we brought him back with us to Toronto. Our parents adopted Churro as their first pet, and he became their honourary grandchild. Our little Churrito had a huge and loving personality and turned so many people with no previous cat experience into “cat people”. ❤️

In March Churro was unexpectedly diagnosed with late-stage kidney disease, and despite our best efforts, over the last three weeks the load became too much for his little body. However, he remained our sweet Churro to the end – one of our favourite memories will be finding a note in his emergency clinic medical records about how he gave staff “head boops” after his blood transfusion last week. The night after he got home from the hospital, he couldn’t stop giving us head butts as well. 

Thank you to Veterinario José Pablo Martínez in Lima Peru, Dr. Mark Kinghorn and Dr. Karen O’Keefe at Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Sean Herzog at Green Lane Animal Hospital, Dr. Francesca Di Mauro at Animal Health Partners, and Dr. Heather Neely at Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic for giving Churro such loving care over his 3 year journey with us.

We will miss you forever Churro! We would have given anything to have more years with you. ❤️❤️❤️

Jacqueline, Leonard, Cecilia and Dominic

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