APRIL FOOL'S! Pet & Parent Acupuncture

APRIL FOOL’S! Introducing Pet & Parent Couples Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help our pets overcome pain, and assist with mobility, neurological and gastrointestinal issues. But many pet owners also have chronic pain or injuries that could benefit from acupuncture.

What if you and your pet could have your acupuncture treatments together, easing your busy schedule and giving you a new way to bond with your pet? Now you can, with our new Pets & Parents Couples Acupuncture!

Your appointment will be with a veterinarian who is also certified in acupuncture. The doctor will start with a physical exam and discussion of your pet’s health concerns, and will be sure to check check your pet’s tongue, which is a valuable indicator in traditional Chinese medicine.

The doctor will determine which acupuncture points to treat, and then will insert a number of extremely thin needles, often starting with a calming point right on the top of their head. The sensation can be so relaxing that some cats and dogs even fall asleep during their treatment!

Next it’s your turn! The doctor will talk with you about your health concerns and goals, will do a physical exam of any sore or injured areas, and of course, will check your tongue too!

Then he will insert needles in carefully chosen acupuncture points on your body. Once they are in, you and your pet will have 20 to 30 minutes to enjoy the deep relaxation and healing experience together – a true bonding opportunity!

When the doctor takes the needles out, you will be amazed at how rejuvenated you both feel! That’s why we have offered veterinary acupuncture for decades at Bloorcourt Veterinary Clinic as part of our commitment to complementary medicine, and are so excited to bring acupuncture to our patients at Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic.

Come experience the benefits of acupuncture! Give us a call to book a couples acupuncture treatment for you and your pet today!

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