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The heart is the most important organ not just for humans but for cats and dogs as well. Diseases such as heart failure, heartworm infections, cardiomyopathy, etc., can affect the functioning of the heart and cause fatal damage in pets. At Roncy Village Veterinary Clinic, we offer your pet the right kind of care through diagnosis and treatment with our mobile cardiologist. For more information about our cardiology services, give us a call at 416-538-8387.

What are the signs of heart disease in cats?

Cats are masters of disguise and rarely show signs of pain or discomfort in the early stages of a disease. Unlike dogs, they do not cough if they have heart disease. Because cats don't go out on walks, it is difficult to notice exercise intolerance which can be a sign of heart disease. Other ways in which you can notice this intolerance could be through prolonged periods of hiding, withdrawn behaviour, or increased sleep and lethargy. Other signs can include weight loss, loss of appetite, sudden collapse, and sudden hind leg paralysis.

What causes heart disease in pets?

Genetics can be a big cause of heart disease in pets. Some pets are born with it. Other pets get affected by external factors such as heartworms or due to obesity and wrong diets.

How are cardiology diseases diagnosed in pets?

Diagnostic tests are the best tools to diagnose heart disease. A veterinarian will listen to your pet's heart with a stethoscope and listen for murmurs or abnormalities. This is followed up by a series of tests such as bloodwork, X-rays, and ultrasound to diagnose the heart condition affecting your pet.

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