Emergency Care

What to do if your pet has a medical emergency.

If your pet has a medical emergency during our opening hours (8am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 8am to 2pm on Saturdays), our team is equipped to assess and stabilize their condition – please CALL us at 416-538-8387 to ensure a veterinarian is on site, and allow us to triage your pet and prepare for your arrival.  

If you have a medical concern when we are closed, and you aren’t sure if you need to go to an emergency clinic or your pet can wait until we open, our 24/7 support service lets you speak with a Registered Veterinary Technician at no charge to help triage your pet: call 647-695-5411. If your pet needs time-sensitive care, but not an emergency clinic visit, the RVT can help you book a virtual consultation with a veterinarian.

If you have an emergency after-hours, or if our team recommends that you immediately seek specialist care, the 24/7 emergency and referral hospitals listed below are available to support your pet. Please CALL them on the way, so that they can refer you to a different hospital if they are currently at capacity.

Is it an emergency?

Some symptoms that indicate your pet needs immediate care include: 

  • Unconscious or unresponsive
  • Trouble breathing
  • Trauma from an accident (hit by car, fall from a balcony, animal attack)
  • Uncontrolled bleeding or seizures 
  • Very pale pink or white gums 
  • Retching but unable to vomit and/or swollen abdomen (especially in large breed dogs)  
  • Sudden inability to use their hind legs (especially in cats) 
  • Straining or inability to urinate (especially in male cats) 
  • Excessive panting, bright red gums, lethargy and/or disorientation after heat exposure  
  • Ingestion of a toxin  

If in doubt, or if your pet is having different symptoms, call us or your nearest 24-hour clinic, so we can advise you on seeking medical treatment for your pet.

24-Hour Emergency Clinics

Central Toronto Veterinary Emergency Clinic
1051 Eglinton Ave. W., Toronto

Animal Health Partners - Lakeshore
806 Southdown Rd, Mississauga

Veterinary Emergency Clinic and Referral Centre
920 Yonge St., Suite 117, Toronto (entrance at the rear on McMurrich St.)

Animal Health Partners - North York
1 Scarsdale Rd, North York

Veterinary Emergency Hospital of West Toronto (Emergency care only, limited specialists)
755 Queensway E #114-116, Mississauga (NEW LOCATION)

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After-Hours Emergencies

Please call:


Find us here:

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For after-hours emergencies, please call: