Weight Management for Pets

Our program is designed to help your pet reach their ideal weight in a safe manner.

Obesity can negatively impact your pet's health in much the same way as it affects humans. It greatly increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis, just to name a few. Our expert team offers an effective Weight Loss Program customized just for your pet. Whether it is weight loss or weight gain, we can help your pet achieve their goal. A healthy diet and a healthy weight mean a healthy, happy pet! To book your pet's weight management consult, call us at 416-538-8387.

How do I know if my pet is overweight?

The rate of obesity amongst cats and dogs is increasing every year. However, it is difficult for pet parents to differentiate between a few extra pounds and obesity. You can examine your pet's belly area to see if they are becoming obese. If you notice them becoming wider or rounder in the belly, it can be a sign of obesity. Bring in your pet for a weigh-in at our clinic, and our veterinarians can help you determine if your pet is beyond their ideal weight.

How can I monitor my pet's weight loss progress?

After running a thorough examination and suggesting a plan to help your pet's weight loss, we will help you keep track of your pet's progress. Four to six weeks after the first consult, we will re-weigh and track any changes in your pet's weight. Then, we will determine if adjustments are needed, if your goals have been reached, or if your pet needs to continue on the prescribed plan for a little bit longer.

How can I stop myself from overfeeding my pet?

One easy way is to feed your pet at pre-fixed times. Build a calendar with feeding/snack times and stick to it. Another handy tip is to limit the number of treats you feed them in a day. Fix the number of treats for a day and separate them from the bag so you don't reach for more. Our vets can help you with more tips and tricks at our weight management consults.

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