Kitten Adoption Program

Finding forever homes for cats in need.

We love to foster and find forever homes for orphaned, abandoned, and homeless kittens. Most of these adorable kittens come to us from Annex Cat Rescue. Read on to meet our current kittens and some of our previous adoption program graduates and learn about our adoption process.

Our Current Kittens

After Turkey and Cheddar were adopted we welcomed Baby Monkey, Brave Orange, Meredith Grey and Baby Dora to the Roncy Village family, and they are now available for adoption! These 13 week old kittens were born in a backyard and rescued and brought to us 2 weeks ago. Over this short time they have blossomed into incredibly loving babies, and our whole team has fallen head over heels in love with them! (Their devoted mama Luna has gone into foster care with Annex Cat Rescue). You can see more pictures and read about the kittens on our social media!

What’s Included in our Adoption Fee?

Our adoption fee is $300 per kitten, or $500 for a pair of kittens, which covers a portion of the costs of getting them ready for adoption (we subsidize the rest).  

Our kittens are generally well socialized since they get lots of hands-on attention; are exposed to dogs, cats, and people daily from their perch in our waiting room; and go home with a different staff member each weekend. They get thorough veterinary care before adoption, including: 

  • Full physical exam by a veterinarian 
  • Deworming and preventative flea & tick treatment 
  • Treatment for any health issues they may have when they come into our program 
  • All vaccines that they are due for, according to their age, up to the date of adoption  
  • Pre-operative bloodwork and viral testing for FIV and FeLV (feline leukemia) 
  • Spay or neuter surgery 
  • Microchip 
  • Some courtesy Purina Veterinary Diets Kitten Essential Care food (the high-quality kitten growth & development diet that we feed them) 

What are Adopters Responsible for? 

  • Kittens need a series of 3 monthly exam and vaccine appointments to establish their initial immunity. Depending on their age and how long they have been in our foster program, most kittens will need either 1 or 2 additional Kitten Exam & Vaccine appointments shortly after adoption.
  • All of the costs of their ongoing care, including but not limited to preventative annual exams & vaccines, care for any illnesses or injuries that arise, food, parasite prevention, toys...and lots of love! We strongly recommend pet insurance as well! 
  • Create an online account with their microchip provider 24 Pet Watch as soon as we give you their microchip registration. Then if you ever move or change your phone number, you must remember to update their microchip contact information, to help them reunite with you if they ever escape or go missing during an emergency.  
  • All kittens adopted from our clinic must be kept indoors only, for their safety. Securely enclosed “catios” and supervised outside visits on a leash and harness are allowed if outside-time is important to you, but with appropriate indoor enrichment there is no need to introduce kittens to the outdoors. We sadly see first-hand what can happen to cats that are allowed outside unsupervised, due to cars, coyotes, cruel people, parasites, and wounds & diseases from fights with other cats. Please reach out to us if you’re looking for guidance on how to create an intellectually stimulating indoor environment for your cats! 
  • We are vehemently opposed to declawing, as it is cruel, painful, and causes both physical and behavioural issues. Scratching is an essential health behaviour for cats, and so kittens adopted from our clinic must never be declawed. We are happy to advise on proactive scratching accommodations to help establish manageable scratching behaviour!  

Our Adoption Process

Once our kittens are ready for adoption, we announce their availability on our website and social media – follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to ensure you’re one of the first to know! If you are interested in the kittens available for adoption, you can email our adoption coordinator Jacqueline at or drop by to say hi and fill out an Adoption Application Form.

Please note that filling out an application does not guarantee you a kitten – we also require a conversation with our adoption coordinator, and a visit between all family members and the kitten(s) you are interested in adopting. Our goal is to find the perfect fit for each kitten and family, so we accept multiple applications for our available kittens. 

Our Graduates

Meet a few of our adoption program graduates, from biggest to smallest!

Casper & Lucky came into our care when their owner, a long-time client, passed away suddenly. Casper had been adopted through our Kitten Adoption Program 8 years earlier. We discovered the sad news when Toronto Animal Services found our contact information through their microchips and called us to get their medical history. Since Casper weighed a whopping 29.4 pounds and had several medical issues, we were told he was unlikely to make it to adoption, so we promptly drove to TAS and picked up the boys. One of our lovely clients generously offered to foster them, and eventually gave them a new forever home.

Tuna, Lemon (now Prince), and Bowie (look at his eyes!) were rescued at 5 weeks old from the streets in Etobicoke.

Tiny bottle-fed baby Harvey was only 2 days old when she came into our care.

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